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Avicenna Benefits:
Site visit
Travel Vaccine Booklet
*Save £100 via Avicenna only

Travel Core Important Features:
• 20 vaccine PGDs including;


Hepatitis B

Meningitis B

Yellow Fever

Hepatitis A








Combination Hep A & B


Tick Borne Encephalitis


Combination Hep A & Typhoid

Meningitis ACWY

Japanese Encephalitis

Adrenaline for Anaphylaxis

• HD videos of pharmacist in travel clinic.
• International Society of Travel Medicine vetted lectures.
• Free downloadable leaflets, posters and doctor referral letters.
• Fully updated 2017 eBook of how to start a travel vaccine clinic.
• Online decision making tool with prescriber phone support.
• Untethered PGD, allowing you to practice in any pharmacy.

Voyager Medical
Face to Face Training
£599 + VAT
*£499 + VAT
Refresher Training
£449 + VAT
*£349 + VAT

Face to Face Training
Face to face training is required for new pharmacists to Travel Core and is valid for 2 years.
Face to face training includes online assessment, a nurse visit for a final sign off and a travel vaccine booklet.

Refresher Training
If you have undergone training with PharmaDoctor, Sonar, MASTA or CityDoc we can repeat your entire PGD set online, this includes online HD lectures and assessment. The refresher training is required alternate year to face to face.

*Avicenna price shown includes £100 offer for Aviplus & Avicenna Silver Members (2016/17 membership fee paid and monthly spend of £5,000 on generics & PIs via Avicenna suppliers for a minimum of 2 consecutive quarters).